Release of FastJet 3.2.0, 17 March 2016 (release notes).
Its main new feature is that it exposes the N2Plain and N2Tiled strategies for 3rd-party clustering algorithms under the form of two new classes (NNFJN2Plain and NNFJN2Tiled), similar to NNH. Download
Latest stable release of fjcore (v3.2.0), 17 March 2016
Lightweight access to the core FastJet functionality (PseudoJet, JetDefinition, ClusterSequence and Selector).
It consists of just two files, fjcore.hh and, which can easily be included in 3rd party projects. Compile time: a few seconds. A fortran interface and basic examples are also included in the distribution. Download size: 74k.
Release of FastJet Contrib 1.023, 28 April 2016   *** NEW ***
A package of contributed add-ons to FastJet. This release brings
  • Nsubjettiness version 2.2.3 (fixed bug with tau_N for jets with less than N constituents)
Release of FastJet Contrib 1.022, 31 March 2016
This release brings
  • VariableR version 1.2.0 (faster clustering when used with FastJet>=3.2.0)
  • ConstituentSubtractor version 1.1.1 (FastJet rho_m support, faster algorithm, ...)
  • Nsubjettiness version 2.2.2 (replaces use of deprecated features in FastJet)
  • GenericSubtractor version 1.3.1 (replaces deprecated use of auto_ptr)